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"A poem begins as a lump in the throat, a sense of wrong, a homesickness, a lovesickness."
— Robert Frost (via observando)
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Many people expect the voice of God to boom like a loudspeaker, but scripture tells us that He speaks in a still, small voice. To us, it seems like an impression inside.

We think, “I know I should go visit my parents. I know I shouldn’t eat so many sweets. I know I should stay home and do my schoolwork.” The “I knows” are God talking to you. Don’t ignore it. Learn to be quick to obey.

A lot of times we know what we should do, but we make excuses and reason it out. “I’ll do it later. I’m busy now.” But, we have to understand God doesn’t ask us to do it for His sake. He asks us to do it for our own sake. I’ve learned that before God will release big blessings, He will give you small tests. Too often we dismiss it and think, “Oh, that’s no big deal.” But if you don’t pass these small tests, it will keep you from the big things God has in store.

Today, don’t put off the little things that you know you should be doing any longer. Take a step of faith and obey Him. As you’re faithful in the little things and pass the small tests, He’ll lead you into the greater things He has in store for you.

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if you care about me,
be kind, because anger hides my emotions
be gentle, because I am not as strong as I seem
be soft, because life has left me jagged edges
be understanding, because it’s hard to tell the truth.

if you love me,
be passionate, because I need to know you’re still here
be rough, because I crave physical intimacy
be dominant, because sometimes I need to be put in my place
be unwavering, because my fears and feelings get stronger at night.

and if you can look past the imperfections, never leave me.

— (via one-hundred-stars)
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